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At www.CraftKitsandSupplies.com we carry over 60 different Papier Mache shapes.  Papier Mache shapes such as rectangular boxes, heart shaped boxes, hats, and many other types of papier mache products.  In addition to Papier Mache shapes, www.CraftKitsandSupplies.com carries all 26 alphabet letters, twelve inches in size, in Papier Mache form.
Now, a little history and information about Papier Mache.  The word “Papier Mache” is a French word meaning “chewed paper”.  Papier Mache are a composite material consisting of paper pieces or pulp, sometimes reinforced with textiles, bound with an adhesive, such as starch, glue or wallpaper paste.

Papier Mache goes  far back to ancient Egypt, where they were used for coffins and death masks.  Papier Mache was used in the Middle and Far East as added decorative elements to armor and shields.  In Europe, in the 1700s, Papier Mache was used for building coach door panels, trays, chair backs, and other structural panels.  Today, Papier Mache is used mainly for crafting projects.

Today, Papier Mache is prepared mainly in two ways. The first method makes use of paper strips glued together with adhesive.  The second method, the more common one, is to use paper pulp, obtained by soaking or boiling paper, and then adding adhesive.  This second method then allows the pulp to be formed in any shape within a mold.
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