Hello Crafters, 

     CraftKitsandSupplies is offering a 20% discount on our complete line of Birdhouses and Birdhouse Kits for the month of April.  In addition to this large craft discount, if you buy three or more birdhouses or birdhouse kits, of the same style, you will receive further bulk quantity discounts.  Just enter the redeem code “Birdhouse” during the check out process.

     At CraftKitsandSupplies we carry over 75 different styles of completed birdhouses and birdhouse kits.  Our birdhouses come in many different sizes and styles, such as Swinging Birdhouses, Pole Birdhouses, Garden Birdhouses, Single-unit and Multiply-unit Birdhouses, Decorative Birdhouses, and many other types of birdhouses.  Most of our completed or assembled birdhouses, are made from pinewood and our birdhouse kits require only glue (2 or 3 of our birdhouse kits require nails).  We also, supply paint, brush, and glue for an additional cost.

     When selecting a birdhouse for outdoor use, it is important to note that each specific bird species prefers a different type of birdhouse and location.  Wren Birds prefer small-enclosed houses near shrubs or brushes, while Blue Birds enjoy larger, single-unit birdhouses in more open areas.  Other factors to be considered are the predators and weather at your location.  For example, if there are cats or raccoons in your area, than maybe the Hanging Birdhouse might be preferred.  Also, depending on the type of birds in your neighborhood, placing a birdhouse in constant shade or sun has to be considered.  Finally, a birdhouse should provide drainage during wet windy conditions, and suitable ventilation so birds can breathe easily.  Drilling a few small holes on the bottom of the birdhouse should provide drainage, and a few holes on the sides for ventilation, if needed.  More information on the type or bird in your area, and its habits and preference can usually be found doing a search on the Internet.

     For our crafters that want to construct their own birdhouse, we carry over 25 different birdhouse kits and bird feeder kits.  Birdhouse kits are great projects, for camps, church activities, or party events.  All of our birdhouse kits are pre-cut pinewood and require only glue to assembly.  Some birdhouse kits do include nails.  We also, supply a paint, brush, and glue package for a small additional cost.  All of our birdhouse kits come with very easy to follow instructions, are for kids 7 years and older, and require very little adult supervision.

     Finally, for camps, churches, and other social events, CraftKitsandSupplies has a sister website that caters to bulk or large craft orders.  Starting at retail craft orders as little as $100.00, offers a 20% discount on all craft products.  For retail craft orders $200.00 or greater, offers a 40% discount.  And, for retail craft orders $400.00 or greater, offers a 60% discount.  So what does this mean?  Place a retail craft order valued at $400.00, and pay only $160.00 plus shipping.  So, check it out.

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