Birdhouse Placement

Hello Fellow Crafters,

In this blog, will discuss some of the important points in the placement of your bird house.

The first approach for the birdhouse keepers is to know what kind of birds are in their local area.  Once a bird keeper is aware of the kinds of birds in their local area they can usually google their nesting habits.  In general, the bird keeper must make the birds comfortable and safe in their present environment from weather conditions, predators, and for nesting their young.  Listed below are just a few important features of a good nesting place for birds.      

  • Shade:  The most important thing is the shade.  It is an essential factor for the people who live in sunny areas. The birds don’t like heat exposure for long, that’s why it is necessary to keep the bird house in a shady place.
  • Good elevation:  The birdhouse must be placed at a high elevation.  It will protect the birds from young curious kids, and as well as the pets you have around your home.
  • Away from the Rain:  The cold wet and damp features of rain water are not good conditions for   bird nesting.  The bird house should be positioned with the walls, entrance, and the roof in a manner so as to reduce the amount of water entering the birdhouse.  This will also prevent the deterioration of wooden bird house through the years.
  • Always in open air:  The open air locations are best for the bird house.  Inside the homes there are different dangers for the birds so try to keep the bird house outside in the open air.
  • Good if around the trees:  Birds are extremely comfortable in trees, so try to place the birdhouse,  around, or within, the green leaves and branches of trees in your area.

Other options for the bird keepers:

There are different types of Bird House Kits available in the market. These birdhouse kits have been designed for the special placements.  The bird keepers are suggested to focus on the important tools and materials required to place the bird house anywhere suitable.  The Finished Bird Houses are easy to adjust in the homes.  You can place them in the backyards.  This is the biggest advantage of buying these types of birdhouse kits.  It is also, very essential to keep multiple birdhouses away from each other.  In this way, you reduce the chances of bird fights.

If you are interested in building a bird house, then you should select the perfect place first.  Actually, the selection of a perfect place will give you more ideas about the bird house making.

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