Building a Birdhouse

Hello Fellow Crafters,
In this blog will discuss some of the points in making a birdhouse. There are hundreds of different types of birdhouses, in terms of style, size, material, and cost. Also, in considering what type of birdhouse is suitable for your backyard will be determine by your geographical location, and the birds in your local area.
When building a birdhouse you can create your own from scratch, or buy a birdhouse in a kit form. The most common material for birdhouses is wood. Other materials can be plastic, thin metals, clay, or ceramic. Wood again, is the most common material because it can be cut and shaped easily, it can be painted, and it’s a great insulator to heat and cold. Pine and Cedar are the two most common used woods to build a birdhouse. Pine is a soft wood, with a smooth surface, that can be easily cut or drilled, and usually will need to be painted, or lacquered to prevent the wood from rotting. Cedar on the other hand, is a harder wood, and usually has a rough finish that doesn’t need to be finished with a polyurethane coating.
Another point of discussion in building your own bird house are the tools required. Purchasing a precut birdhouse kit will require the fewest tools, will take the shortest time to build, and will be the easiest to construct. Depending on the birdhouse kit, the minimum tools required will be a hammer, a phillip screwdriver, nails, wood glue, paint and brush. For the novice bird house builder this is probably the best way to go. For the more skilled person who might have a small workshop, they might venture to build their own birdhouse from scratch. Tools required for this path will be a minimum the following: Hammer, nails, drill, drill bits, phillip screwdriver, screws, tape measure, sandpaper, wood glue, vice grip, paint, brush, and more.
Finally, when the bird house is completed, it’s time to place it in your backyard, hopefully where you can observe the bird nesting activity from a short distance. As previously mention in another blog, consider the following features when placing the birdhouse.
—A shady place .
—Among trees and plants.
—Good height.
—Protection from rainfall and other weather elements.
—Protection from squirrels and other predators.

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