Birdhouse Construction

Hello Fellow Crafters,

In this blog, we the staff at, would like to discuss a few tips in constructing your own Birdhouse from scratch. While having power tools, or access to power tools is a big help, a very simple Bird House can be constructed from wood with some basic tools.

The first item needed for a birdhouse is wood. There are many different types of woods such as Oak, Ash, Cedar, Pine, Spruce, pressure treated wood, and etc. Hard woods will definitely last a lot longer, but will be extremely difficult to cut and nail without power tools. Therefore, we recommend a soft wood like pine or spruce for constructing your birdhouse. Soft woods won’t last as long as hard woods (depending on your local weather conditions), but can be lacquered or painted to increase their longevity.

The approximate amount of wood to construct a birdhouse would be one six foot board in length, and 5-1/2” x 5/8” in width and depth. Next you will need two dozen 1-1/4” 3D nails, some form of thin wire, a hammer, a small hand saw, a tape measure or ruler, and an electric drill with 1-1/4” drill bit. If you don’t have an electric drill, one of your friendly neighbors should have one. They are very common, these days.

Now you are ready to cut and bang away. At this point there are two basic birdhouse designs to construct. A simple “A” Frame Birdhouse and a simple Rectangular Birdhouse. We will discuss a simple Rectangular Birdhouse. While there are several different design sizes, we will suggest some basic measurements. One note, the symbol, ” implies inches.

1) First we will cut the Birdhouse BASE. From one end of the six foot board measure 6-3/4”, and cut this piece.
2) Next we will cut the four SIDES. From one end of the board measure 8”, and cut this piece. Repeat this step three more times.
3) Next is the ROOF. We want the roof to have a little overhang to protect the entrance of the birdhouse from the rain. Measure 8-3/4” from the end of the board and cut.
4) Now take ONE of the four SIDES, and drill a 1-1/4” hole about 5” up on the long side.
5) We are now ready to assembly. Without photo instructions, play with the pieces to understand how they should be nailed together. The best approach is to nail the four SIDES together first, followed by the BASE, and the ROOF. Make sure the ROOF overhang is over the SIDE with the hole.
6) At this point if you want to lacquered or paint your birdhouse, go for it.
7) Finally, the last step is to place the Birdhouse in a tree or area that is somewhat protected from the weather and predators. This can be done many ways, and here is where you might want to use a thin wire.

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